Less than 20% of placements left! Want to work & travel in Canada? 🇨🇦 Sign up today! (for U.S. passport holders only)
Want to work & travel in Canada? 🇨🇦 Sign up today!
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Career Training USA

Advance your career with Internships in the USA

Experience American culture and add important international skills to your resume.

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Internship and trainee program

Intern or train with a U.S. business

Congratulations! You’ve found your U.S. internship or training program. Our Career Training USA program will help you get your J-1 Visa. For over 50 years, InterExchange has facilitated thousands of J-1 Visa programs, and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Eligibility quiz

Have you found an internship or training program in the USA? Take our Eligibility Quiz to see if you qualify for the Career Training USA program.

What people are saying

Life-changing international opportunities

InterExchange programs expand the worldviews of participants and hosts alike. Participants experience personal and professional growth, while hosts enjoy the intercultural value that these young people bring to their businesses and homes.
fabien travel experience


Digital Communication & Media Intern from France
“I think the French job market is very interesting in the sense that it can be very competitive, so having an internship abroad makes you stand out and is always a plus when applying for certain companies.”
Hasti - exchange students


Architecture Intern from India
“InterExchange was a very good sponsor to provide me this opportunity. Applying with them was very easy and had very simple steps, unlike other platforms which seem a bit complicated.”
Oumaima event


Electronic Engineering Intern from Morocco
“This program helped me learn about myself so much. Being in a country I have never been before and where I knew absolutely no one was an amazing experience. And I am so glad I have met amazing people here in the U.S.”

How it works

To intern or train in the United States, you need to be sponsored for a J‑1 Intern/Trainee Visa. Once you apply for and are approved for J‑1 Visa sponsorship with InterExchange, we will issue you the required documentation needed to apply for your J‑1 Visa. You will then be able to apply for your J‑1 Visa from a U.S. Embassy/Consulate so that you may enter the United States

Find an internship

Attain your ideal position using our resources for finding a U.S. internship. InterExchange does not offer internship placement.

Apply with InterExchange

Create your account and start your online application.

Interview at the Embassy

Receive your J-1 Visa and prepare to come to the United States.


As a nonprofit organization, InterExchange keeps its fees as low as possible, while delivering the superior service international interns and trainees need to have a successful experience.

Visa sponsorship

All the documents you'll need to secure your J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa.


Accident and sickness insurance for entire duration of your program and 30-day grace period at end of program.


Continuous program support both before and during your stay in the USA.


Find everything you need to know to successfully live and train in the U.S. as an intern or trainee.
happy intern students
Internship program in CNN

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To start an application, you must first find your own internship or training position at an eligible U.S. company. 

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