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Want to work & travel in Canada? 🇨🇦 Sign up today!
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Follow Up!

Your interview doesn’t end once you sign off Skype or leave the building.

Post-interview follow-up is just as important as going in for the interview. Within 24 hours after your interview, send a short email to thank the person(s) that conducted the interview for their time and to reconfirm your interest in the position. You can also add something specific that you talked about to help them remember who you are or highlight certain aspects of the position that you find especially interesting or would look forward to doing if offered the internship.

This is your last chance to make an impression and it’s also another way to reiterate your interest. Did you think of another question you didn’t get a chance to ask? Put it in the email. Better yet, you can include more examples of your work discussed in the interview. Maybe your interviewer made a casual reference to an article you wrote for a student newspaper. Include it as an attachment. Show them that not only did you pay keen attention when speaking with them, but you also took the initiative to follow up.