Less than 20% of placements left! Want to work & travel in Canada? 🇨🇦 Sign up today! (for U.S. passport holders only)
Want to work & travel in Canada? 🇨🇦 Sign up today!
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How it works​

Everything you need to know to obtain the International Experience Canada (IEC) work permit.


Most of our applicants complete these steps within two months and sometimes much less. It could take longer if the government requests additional information or if you take awhile to submit things on your side. While we can’t promise a specific timeframe, we invite you to check in with us about recent processing times we’ve seen.

1. Sign up and submit the InterExchange application

When you sign up you’ll pay a $100 program deposit that goes toward the balance of your program fee. We’ll screen your eligibility, and then contact you typically within 2-3 business days with next steps and guidelines for completing the government of Canada application. The deposit fee is refundable if you are ineligible to apply for the IEC program.

Notify us when you have completed this step, so we can prepare your nomination.
After we receive your payment, we send your nomination (1-5 business days after receiving your program fee balance).
  1. Invitation to Apply (ITA) (coming directly from the Canadian government)
  2. R.O. Letter: confirming that you are working with SWAP Working Holidays, a government- recognized organization (required for US Citizens)
You have 10 days from receiving the ITA and 20 days from starting the application to finish it. InterExchange is available to provide guidance throughout the application process.
You’ll pay this fee directly to the Canadian government during your visa application. 

The pre-approval is also known as a Port of Entry Letter or a Letter of Introduction (LOI). Notify InterExchange as soon as you receive this.

We’ll provide guidance on next steps and accessing info for life adjustments, jobs, and travels in Canada.

Present your Work Permit Pre-Approval (LOI) at a Canadian Port of Entry, along with entry documents.


To Start your Application

  • 18-35 years old
  • U.S. citizen
  • $100 USD program deposit

To Complete your Application

  • Pay the balance of InterExchange program fee of $1395 USD
  • Pay the Canadian government visa application fee: $261 CAD

To Enter Canada

  • Medical insurance
  • Support funds for at least 3 months in Canada / at least $2500 CAD


Upload the items below to your Online Application:

Passport Picture Page Copy

A copy of the passport photo page. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months past your proposed program end date.


After you apply, you will need to do the following:

Apply for the working holiday permit through the government of Canada’s International Experience Canada (IEC) program

We will provide guidelines for completing this process. Should you have any questions regarding the visa application we’re here to help.

Obtain travel medical insurance

Before traveling, all participants must possess international accident and sickness insurance that includes evacuation/repatriation coverage.


Program Fee: $1395
  • 2024 Program fee: $1395
  • Early Bird Special if you sign up before January 8, 2024: $1295
  • Optional pre-travel job placement service: $295

Access to InterExchange. We are here to help you in your journey to Canada! From application help and review, to consulting sessions in planning your trip, we are here for you.

Access to SWAP for the duration of your stay in Canada. SWAP services include group orientation, one-on-one consultations, access to jobs database, CV and interview preparation, and group activities (select cities). 

  • Canada visa fees (261 CAD)
  • Travel health insurance (Typical plan prices range from $400-1000 USD)
  • Travel costs (varies widely depending on destination and duration of travel)
  • Support funds of $2500 CAD upon initial entry to Canada

Please note that InterExchange is not an immigration specialist or visa service provider. Your payment to InterExchange covers the program fees for InterExchange and SWAP for the items indicated above, but it is up to you to actually obtain the appropriate visa and/or work permit needed for your program. We will provide general information about this process along the way.


The Canada WHV is flexible, so you can work on your terms. With SWAP on your side, you’ll have access to an extensive jobs database, with decades of vetted roles with trusted employers in a range of locations.

Work and travel!

Shorter-term or seasonal work is a great way to experience Canada while making income. Typical jobs include:

  • Hospitality/hotels
  • Restaurants, cafes, bar work
  • Warehouse/factories
  • Theme parks
  • Special events
  • Retail
  • Farms
Since the WHV is an open work permit, you can pursue specific, career focused work.

For a $295 job placement fee, you can line up a job before you get to Canada. 

Work and live in majestic Banff, Jasper, Okanagan, or Whistler. Available jobs range from hospitality, resort, hotel, and retail jobs, as well as ski lift operations!

Typically, resort jobs offer on-site employee housing.

Please note, this service is subject to availability and generally placements occur between January-September. If you are pursuing a winter season role, it is recommended to apply early in the year. 

Travel experience

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