1. Sign up

Try to sign up 3+ months before your desired start date.

2. Video interview

We’ll review your application and contact you within a couple of business days to set up a video call and discuss the next steps.

3. Match with Host Families

Once we’ve sent your application to our New Zealand partner, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with potential host families and get to know each other before making a commitment. We’ll provide questions and conversation topics to discuss with potential families.

4. Get your visa and flights

After matching you can apply for your visa online (we’ll show you how) and book flights based on the dates you’ve agreed to with your host family.

5. Review resources from InterExchange

We’ll provide resources to prepare you for your travels, including access to our participant Facebook group, Childcare Guide, and more.

6. Arrive

Upon arrival, you’ll attend a 2-day orientation where you’ll meet other au pairs and the friendly staff of our New Zealand partner. Your host family will pick you up from there. You’ll have professional support in New Zealand whenever you need it - our partner agency is just a call or email away!

Your visa is good for a full year. If your au pair program is less than a year, you are welcome to stay and travel, or even pick up other jobs if you want!

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