I am responsible for my personal health and safety needs while participating in the Program. I agree not to apply to participate in the Program if I suffer from any health or other condition that would create a risk to others or me.

I shall take reasonable precautions to prevent injury or harm to myself or a third party or damage to the property of a third party or myself.

  1. I agree to the following:

a. I shall notify InterExchange in the manner required under the Agreement if I experience any serious medical, psychological, or criminal incident. I agree to immediately contact InterExchange if the Host Family endangers my safety or the safety of others or acts in a manner that raises questions about my safety or those of others.

I agree to remain available and/or stay in contact (if contacted) by my Local Coordinator during any natural disaster or emergency. If I am unable to contact the Local Coordinator after my Local Coordinator contacts me, I must reach authorized staff at InterExchange to confirm my circumstances as soon as it is reasonably feasible to do so.


In addition to following any emergency plan available to me from local authorities and the Host Family, if I supplied my mobile number, I agree to follow suggestions as may be sent through InterExchange emergency messaging, including, without limitation, emergency texts from InterExchange. If local authorities or the Host Family recommends actions that conflict with any messages sent via InterExchange emergency messaging, I agree to follow the direction of the Host Family or local authorities as they may be better aware of local circumstances. I understand and agree that InterExchange is not obligated to provide me emergency messaging and that this is an additional service that InterExchange may provide to me as circumstances may permit.

  1. I shall immediately contact InterExchange if the Host Family requests that I engage in any illegal activities (e.g., illegal drugs).


a. In circumstances involving my health and safety, I agree that InterExchange may discuss my circumstances with my family (e.g., my Host Family and actual family), emergency contacts, the International Cooperator, my insurance company, healthcare officials, law enforcement, the U.S. Department of State or any other critical party with a need-to-know.

I agree that InterExchange, its officers, employees, independent contractors, vendors affiliates and agents, or any Local Coordinator may, without liability, or expense to themselves (as explained in further detail under the Liability section), take whatever action they deem appropriate with regard to my health and safety and may place me in a hospital or health-related facility for medical services and treatment or, if no hospital or health-related facility is readily available, may place me in the care of a local medical doctor or health provider for treatment or service.


a. I understand that in the event of an accident or serious illness that, in the judgment of InterExchange, prevents me from continuing my duties, I will end the Program early and return home at my own expense.

If InterExchange finds that I am subject to exploitative (e.g., sexual harassment, abuse, criminal activity, unethical, and any other behavior which otherwise may constitute mistreatment of me) or other unreasonable circumstances or conditions in Host Family’s household (e.g. failure to pay the appropriate weekly Stipend or to provide the agreed upon free time or educational benefits), InterExchange, in InterExchange’s sole judgment, may immediately withdraw me from the household. If I have any questions about the Host Family’s behavior toward me, I agree to immediately contact an InterExchange manager. I agree that any decision regarding my status as an Au Pair, dismissal, or replacement will be made at the sole discretion of InterExchange and shall be considered final.


a. I must become aware of emergency plans developed by the Host Family and as issued by local authorities. In case of emergencies (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, terrorist attacks), I agree to follow the emergency plan, if any, issued to me by InterExchange, the Host Family and local authorities. I agree that InterExchange is not obligated to provide an emergency plan and that this is an additional service that InterExchange may provide as circumstances may permit. I understand that the instructions provided to me from the Host Family and local authorities take priority over InterExchange’s instructions, as the local authorities may be better aware of local circumstances.

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