Don’t be surprised if you enjoy your year so much that you’d like to extend your stay! InterExchange’s extension program makes it possible for you to extend your program for an additional six, nine or 12 months. Extension periods provide a great opportunity for you to continue to bond with your original host family or to match with a new family and have a different au pair experience! Either way you choose to extend, you will be sure to further improve your English, take new classes, and continue to travel. You’ll also continue to earn your weekly stipend, paid time off, and educational allowance.

Interested in Extending with Your Current Host Family?

The extension applications from both you and your host family must be received at least 45 days before the start of the extension period. Discuss the possibility of extending early on. The U.S. Department of State charges a processing fee of $367. This amount will be added to the extending host family’s invoice. We recommend that au pairs take responsibility for the submission of the extension application since it is their visa status at risk if the deadline is missed.

Interested in Extending with a New Host Family?

Be sure to finish your classes and submit your extension application early. You’ll want to have enough time to interview and match with a new host family. When you extend with a new family, you are responsible for the non-refundable U.S. Department of State processing fee. While the large majority of extension au pairs are matched, there is a small possibility that a placement would not be made in time, in which case you would return home after your first program year ends.

Extensions must be approved by the U.S. Department of State and failure to document completion of the educational requirements will result in an application’s denial. If you wish to extend, you need to complete all educational requirements before the end of your 11th program month. Remember, during your extension period, your J-1 Visa will most likely be expired. That means if you travel internationally, you potentially would not be able to re-enter the U.S. on this program. You can read more information about this.

Contact your Local Coordinator as soon as possible and let her or him know you’re interested in the extension program. We’ll help arrange for your Au Pair USA program extension. You’ll need to fill out and submit an application at least 45 days before the extension period begins, and you also need to complete your educational requirement before you submit your application; the sooner you get started, the better!

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