Arrival Travel

After an approved candidate confirms a match with his/her chosen InterExchange host family, InterExchange will arrange and pay for a one way flight from his/her chosen InterExchange Designated Airport in his/her country of residence or citizenship, to a New York City area airport in order to begin the New York City Orientation and Training Program. Candidates are responsible for the cost of any transportation to the chosen InterExchange Designated Airport. If candidates request to fly from an airport not included in the list of Designated Airports, candidates will be responsible for any additional airfare costs above what is the customary airfare from that relevant country and will pay the additional costs before tickets will be issued.

Departure Flight Eligibility

Participants must complete the Program in good standing, including completing all Educational Requirements, in order for InterExchange to pay for one-way departure flights. Participants who leave the Program early, for any reason, will be responsible for the costs of the departure flights.

Departure Flight Procedure

Participants must submit a departure flight request during the Flight Request Period. The Flight Request Period opens 120 days before the Program End Date and closes 45 days prior to the Program End Date. During the Flight Request Period, Participants must provide InterExchange with three (3) options for departure flight dates. The departure dates provided must be on or after the Program End Date (unless otherwise approved by InterExchange headquarters) and before the end of the 30-Day Travel Period, which begins immediately after the Program End Date.

Late Requests

Participants who submit departure flight requests after the end of the Flight Request Period but before the Program End Date, will be required to pay a late fee of $200 USD and the difference, if any, between the actual flight cost and the customary cost of a ticket purchased during the Flight Request Period, as determined by an InterExchange travel agent. Participants who submit a flight request after the Program End Date, will be responsible for arranging or paying for the departure flight.

Change Requests

Participants who would like to make changes to their flight request after it has been submitted will be required to pay a change fee of $200 USD and the difference, if any, between the new flight cost and the actual or customary cost of a ticket previously requested, as determined by an InterExchange travel agent.

Responsibility to be present

Participants will be present in enough time for all flights and other transportation provided or arranged by InterExchange. InterExchange will not arrange or provide alternative transportation if participants miss any arranged flight or transportation. Once tickets are issued, Participants will handle arranging and paying the costs, including change fees, of alternate flights or transportation. Participants must provide immediate notice to InterExchange of any deviation from the travel arrangements that InterExchange made or will make on their behalf.

Flight Cancellations and No-Shows

Participants who either cancel or who fail to utilize an arrival or departure flight that InterExchange had purchased will be responsible for reimbursing InterExchange the full cost of the flight.

Baggage Fees

Participants are responsible for all baggage fees for arrival and return flights, domestic and international.

Designated Airports

Participants who request a departure flight from an airport that is not in the Host Family’s geographic region will pay any increase in the cost of the departure ticket over the cost of a departure ticket from the airport in their Host Family’s geographic region.

The return flight must travel to the same airport you originally departed from. In the rare case that this was not one of InterExchange’s designated international airports, you will return to the InterExchange designated international airport closest to your original departure location. If you wish to fly to a different airport, you will be responsible for the difference in price between the tickets.

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