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94% of participants say they learned new skills that will benefit their careers back home.

International internships help students and young professionals from all over the world to advance their careers by gaining international experience. InterExchange Intern USA helps participants take advantage of internships in the USA, while providing support and assistance throughout their time in America.

We specialize in sponsoring J-1 Visas for individuals who have already found opportunities with companies in the USA. Once you have secured an offer from a U.S. employer, we guide you through the visa process and provide assistance to both you and your employer. Our services include:

  • Processing your program application.
  • Determining your eligibility for a J-1 Visa.
  • Supplying you with the necessary visa paperwork.
  • Providing you with accident and sickness insurance that exceeds State Department requirements.
  • Offering ongoing support and assistance throughout your program.

If you or your employer have questions about our J-1 Visa sponsorship process, feel free to contact us anytime.

InterExchange Intern USA’s goal is to to enhance the skills and expertise of exchange visitors in their academic or occupational fields. Through structured and guided programs, participants improve their knowledge of American techniques, methodologies, and technology. Participation in our Intern USA program must not be used as a substitute for ordinary employment or work purposes, nor may it be used to displace American workers. Internship programs are work-based learning opportunities in an intern’s or recent graduate’s academic field that enable them to develop practical skills that will enhance their future career and bridge the gap between formal education and practical work experience.

The program increases international participants’ understanding of American culture, while also enhancing Americans’ knowledge of foreign cultures, customs and practices. Through this program, the U.S. Government builds partnerships, promotes mutual understanding, and develops relationships and extended networks that will last through generations as participants move into leadership roles in a broad range of occupational fields in their home countries.

J-1 Visa Sponsorship Across Industries

InterExchange specializes in providing sponsorship for individuals interning with American employers in a variety of fields, including:

  • Architecture
  • Arts & Culture
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Public Administration
  • Marketing
  • Media & Communications
  • Sales

You can find a complete list of fields sponsored by InterExchange here.

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