“I essentially became a part of their family”

Not only was I able to learn about a new culture, but I had the opportunity to also integrate with my Italian host family. I learned Italian cooking, I was invited to family events such as birthday dinners, and my host family took me out on weekends to visit nearby towns to do some sightseeing. I essentially became a part of their family and we bonded in many ways. I’m happy and feel absolutely lucky for the new dear friendships I gained.

— Crystal S.

“It is well worth it”

It’s a wonderful program that offers a great balance of opportunities to travel and time “at home” in a new and a different country. You are exposed to new ways of thinking and living, and you meet wonderful people along the way. It’s full of adventures–some completely unexpected–and requires a little flexibility, but it is well worth it.

— Matt F.

“My family was welcoming and supportive”

I was able to aid a family in practicing their English and give lessons to a 12 year old Italian. Then, on top of that I got to practice my Italian whenever I interacted with friends of the family or people around. My family was welcoming and supportive and my living conditions were beyond excellent (to be honest, who gets to say they spent six weeks at a beach house?). The area I was placed in, Le Marche, Italy, is an absolutely beautiful area.

— Amelia