What to Expect

The Homestay

Safe Placements
  • Host families are screened for safety.
  • Families submit applications and references, have an interview, and pay a program fee. They are not paid for hosting you.
Typical Family
  • Families vary in personality and size but they’re all excited about cultural exchange and value English exposure for their kids (and often the parents too).
  • Usually, at least one parent is conversational in English. If you’d like to work on your Italian, let them know—they’re happy to help!
  • Most families reside in the Le Marche region, are middle class, and have children in either elementary or middle school.
Matching Process
  • We’ll look for a family that’s open to hosting for your desired dates.
  • Once we have a match, we’ll send you their profile.
  • You’ll set up a video chat to ensure it’s a good fit with our guidance to help you make the most of your call.
Living with a Family

Living with a host family is about connecting with the family members and integrating into their life. Families want tutors who:

  • are eager to learn about Italy and Italian culture.
  • behave like an ambassador from the U.S. and a role model for the children.
  • engage with them over meals and share their culture.

The Tutoring Role

Conversational English
  • Generally informal and focused on helping with speaking and listening skills.
  • Be creative! Use games, listen to music with English lyrics, or even watch English television and movies.
  • You’ll receive sample tutoring activities and you’ll have a chance to connect with a family before you leave the U.S. to find out what they’re looking for in a tutor.
  • 15 hours per week (usually just three hours/day during the week)
  • It’s rare for a host family to ask you to tutor on the weekends.
  • When you connect with a potential family, you can discuss the tutoring schedule so you know what to expect.
Free Time
  • There’s lots of free time to venture out locally and travel on the weekends.
  • Le Marche is filled with beautiful hilltop and beach towns and there are plenty of weekend trips to other regions, such as Bologna and Perugia.
  • Some participants link up with each other to explore. We’ll connect you with anyone in your region.