What does this program entail?

The InterExchange Work & Travel New Zealand program is meant to be a fun kick-off week before a longer stay in New Zealand, often on the Working Holiday Visa program. While the first week is where the majority of the support will happen with group activities to help you settle in and familarize yourself with part of New Zealand, you will have a local contact in New Zealand to offer guidance regarding travel, logistics, and the job search when you need it, for up to a year.

If you’re more interested in just traveling and not working, you can also join the welcome week and arrange other activities afterwards. In this case you could travel to New Zealand without the Working Holiday Visa, and with a normal visitor visa instead.


A working holiday is a chance to travel open-endedly in another country with the ability to work, usually in seasonal jobs such as:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Resorts (including ski mountains)
  • Warehouses and other labor
  • Farms
  • Tourist attractions

It’s usually possible to seek out more career-focused positions as well, but keep in mind that when you’re traveling on a set-length program as opposed to settling down in a new country, it will be much easier to pick up shorter term jobs.

This program does not offer a job placement service. Keep in mind that with a good attitude and work ethic there are quite a few seasonal jobs to be had in New Zealand throughout the year. If you’re struggling you’ll have a local contact to support you but ultimately you’ll be the one to “get” the jobs. The kick-off week this program offers is intended to help you feel more settled and confident going into your working holiday in New Zealand.


You can expect to earn rates commensurate with New Zealand wage guidelines, typically at least NZD $20.00 per hour, or about USD $14.00.

Program Dates

We are currently evaluating our program dates and services for 2021 and will be posting more information in the coming months. Feel free to use the “Request Info” button above to be kept in the loop!