The InterExchange Work & Travel New Zealand program is meant to be a fun kick-off week before a longer stay in New Zealand. While the first week is where the majority of the support will happen with group activities to help you settle in and familarize yourself with part of New Zealand, you will have local contacts in New Zealand to offer guidance regarding travel, logistics, and the job search when you need it, for up to a year.

Typical Jobs

Typical seasonal jobs include

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Resorts (including ski mountains)
  • Office temping
  • Farms
  • Tourist attractions
  • Construction

You’re welcome to seek out work in other fields but the job support staff members’ expertise revolves around seasonal positions.

Job support

Job search support is available for the full duration of your program, up to a year in New Zealand and includes:

  • Pre-arrival online erientation
  • In-country job search orientation session
  • Jobs desk to consult with staff members about your working goals
  • Resume review
  • Support staff are also available by phone / email but visiting the Jobs desk in person can often be more effective if you’re in Auckland

2023 Start Dates

Start Date
February 12
February 26
March 12
March 26
April 16
May 14
July 9
August 6
September 10
September 24
October 15
November 26
December 10
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