Welcome to the United States! We hope that whether you’ve just arrived in the U.S. or are preparing to leave, you’re having a positive and culturally-engaging experience. Below, you’ll find important information about SEVIS. It is extremely important that you follow these directions carefully, as failure to register or check-in may result in termination from the program.


InterExchange is here to help you with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). SEVIS is a United States government computerized system that collects and manages data about all international students and exchange visitors during their stays, including InterExchange participants. SEVIS informs the U.S. government of your legal status during your program in addition to where you live and work.

Please follow the SEVIS registration instructions:

  • You must register your information in SEVIS no later than 10 days after arriving in the USA.
  • If you change your address during your time in the USA or if you switch jobs, you must update your SEVIS information within 10 days of any change. (Reminder: All job changes must be screened and approved by InterExchange before you start work.)
  • You must also check-in every 30 days to maintain your active status on the program, even if your information hasn’t changed.
  • Got a new job? Be sure to follow these Job Verification instructions.

Failure to register or check-in may result in termination from the program.

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