Playground Safety and Accident Prevention

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Au Pairs: Playground Safety

  • Inspect the playground before usage—make sure there are no dangerous materials like broken glass nearby. The equipment is not wet and could cause the children to slip. The equipment is not broken or splintering.

  • Do not allow children to play on equipment while wearing sweatshirts with drawstrings, necklaces, bicycle helmets, scarves or purses. All of these items could get caught and cause the child to choke.

  • Be careful on hot days the heat can make equipment such as slides very hot.

  • Always supervise children while at the playground.

  • Only allow children to play on age & size appropriate equipment.

  • Guard against the weather. Sunscreen & hats in the summertime. Warm clothes & gloves in the wintertime. Always stay well hydrated.

  • Limit sun exposure and prevent sunburn. Avoid outdoor activities between 10 AM—3 PM when the sun is its strongest. Keep infants and small children in the shade when outside.

  • Teach Your Children: To Use Playground Equipment Correctly

  • Teach your children to always go down the slide feet first, not to stand on swings, never to climb on the outside of guard rails and no pushing while on seesaws, jungle gyms and other equipment.]]>

Joanna Lehmann Joanna Lehmann

Joanna was the InterExchange Au Pair USA Orientation Manager from 2006 until 2011. In this role, Joanna had the pleasure of welcoming thousands of au pairs to the United States and assisting host families with their year. Joanna then served as the Local Coordinator for Brooklyn, New York from 2011 until 2015. Joanna greately values cultural exchange and the positive impact it has on all those involved. She has spent many years working and traveling throughout Eurpoe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. She has worked as an au pair in Italy and Egypt.

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