Thankful at Thanksgiving

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It’s soon to be Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. My many thanks are to all my host families and all my au pairs, to my family and to InterExchange Au Pair USA:

1. Outstanding Au Pairs

I’m thankful for happy and outstanding au pairs in my cluster of 12.

2. Generous Host Families

I’m thankful for cooperative and generous families in my cluster.

3. Diverse Au Pairs

I’m thankful for a diverse group of au pairs who never fail to please and surprise me.

4. Careful and Safe Au Pairs

I’m thankful for careful and safe au pairs at all times, with the children and in their personal lives.

5. My Daughter Sarah

I’m thankful to my daughter Sarah, who introduced me to the au pair world.

6. Stephanie and Sarah

I’m thankful to my daughters, Stephanie and Sarah, who have generously welcomed au pairs into their lives when we temporarily house them.

7. Great Friends

I’m thankful to have made great friends in New York City and around the world while working as a Local Coordinator.

8. My Husband Tom

I’m thankful for my husband, Tom, who always has good ideas and often gives me good advice to improve my skills as a Local Coordinator.

9. Eight Wonderful Years

I’m thankful to have been a Local Coordinator for over eight years. It’s been a great run.

Nina Kryzak Nina Kryzak

Nina is the InterExchange Au Pair USA Local Coordinator for the Albany area.

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