How Long Does it Take to Get a J-1 Visa?


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Congratulations! You’ve landed that dream internship in the U.S. and are eager to get your J-1 Visa situated quickly. As a designated sponsor with over 50 years of experience in exchange, InterExchange is here to help you with all the details! We make the process simple and clear so you can concentrate on preparing for your arrival!

Understanding the J-1 Visa process and the time it takes to be approved can be the difference between a relatively easy process and a last minute rush filled with anxiety. Here at InterExchange, we want you to be as prepared as possible. On average, it takes six to eight weeks to apply for and be approved for a J-1 Visa.

Here is a breakdown of the process and estimated timing for each:

Completing an application (7-14 days)

Both you and your host employer will need to complete an application with InterExchange and provide the necessary documents.

InterExchange Initial Review (1-2 days)

During this time, InterExchange will check your application to ensure it is complete and contact you for any missing documents. If documents are missing, this can delay the process.

InterExchange Full Review (10 days)

InterExchange has a 10-day review period once an application has been deemed complete. During this time, we will contact you to conduct a brief interview over Skype or Google Meet.

Embassy Interview (1-2 weeks)

Wait times for interviews can vary depending on the city and time of year. Please keep in mind that you will need your documents from InterExchange for the interview so scheduling in advance is not possible.

Issuance of Visa (3-7 days)

It can take up to a week for the embassy to return your passport to you with your new visa.

We understand that sometimes students receive offers towards the end of the semester and must act fast to get their visa. If you are in a rush and looking to minimize the review period, InterExchange does have an expedite option! For an additional charge, the full review can be done in just 3 days!

InterExchange prides itself on keeping costs low and reviewing applications as quickly as possible. We are here to help you with the process, so please contact us with any questions you have. Good luck in your internship!

Lindsay Bongi By

Lindsay joined InterExchange in 2018 and has a B.S. in Finance from Penn State and a M.S. in School Counseling from LIU. She got the travel bug when she spent a semester in London and had the chance to travel all over Europe. After working in finance for a number of years, Lindsay began working with high school exchange students and now is excited to assist students and professionals around the world in pursuing their dream of an internship or training program in the United States.

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