Exciting Update From Ethan in Guatemala City

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I have been working on a project focused on reducing the risk from landslides in precarious settlements around the Guatemala City Metropolitan area. Over the past two and a half months, since my last post, I have been very busy holding pilot training sessions, hosting and attending meetings, and working with local Guatemalan organizations to get feedback on my project.

Community leaders of Esfuerzo 94 are shown practicing their ability to evaluate the risk to landslides for the house and slope in the picture during one of the pilot training courses. Image courtesy of Ethan Faber.

During this time, I have concluded the pilot training sessions where my project held a total of six pilot trainings with over forty community leaders participating. The project has learned a lot of crucial things during this time and it has prepared me to truly be ready to implement the work successfully.

This has led to great news!

The national risk advising organization in Guatemala, called CONRED, has said they like my project and they want to have the work submitted to them in order to get their official approval! This is huge for the project because it will mean the work is nationally recognized and approved! With much luck and hard work over the next months, I should be able to obtain approval and after this, the project will look to begin full-scale implementation where communities will be able to learn more about landslide risk and ways they can reduce their risk.

Other than that, my Spanish is coming along very well. It is so much better than it was when I moved here and I hope I will be fluent by the time my project is over. As far as the culture, it still amazes me how generous everyone is here. People truly appreciate others and it is obvious, especially with their patience with my Spanish.

Until next time!

Saludos, Ethan

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Ethan volunteered in Guatemala with the help of a Christianson Fellowship, from the InterExchange Foundation.

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