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Applying for the J-2 Visa

Step 1: Complete your J-2 Visa application and schedule your J-2 Visa interview.
  • If you are applying for your visa along with the J-1 Visa holder, you may schedule your visa appointments together.
  • If you are applying for your visa separate from the J-1 Visa holder, you will schedule your own appointment with the embassy/consulate.
  • Appointment and application procedures vary by embassy/consulate, so review the instructions for scheduling an appointment on the website of the embassy/consulate where you plan to apply. You may also review the instructions we provide to J-1 participants on scheduling an embassy interview.
  • You will need your SEVIS ID number to complete the DS-160 Visa application. Your SEVIS number is unique and will be different from the SEVIS number of the J-1 visa holder. Your SEVIS ID number can be found in your acceptance email from InterExchange as well as in the top right hand corner of your DS-2019 Form.
  • Canadian citizens are exempt from an embassy/consulate visit and will not need a J-2 Visa to cross the border into the U.S. However, your DS-2019 Form and proof of SEVIS payment must be presented at the border.

NOTE: Wait times are longer at certain times of the year and you may not be able to get an appointment before your proposed arrival date. If this happens, please contact InterExchange immediately to let us know your arrival will be delayed.

Once InterExchange has approved your application for J-2 Visa sponsorship, you will be able to download your J-2 DS-2019 Form from the J-1 participant’s InterExchange portal. The DS-2019 Form is not a visa application form or a J-2 Visa. Instead, it certifies your eligibility and permits you to apply for a J-2 Visa.

  • Review the DS-2019 form and thoroughly check that the information is accurate (e.g. your name, dates, etc.). Errors on this form could result in a visa denial. Please inform InterExchange Career Training USA immediately if you discover any errors.
  • Print the J-2 DS-2019. A printed version of this form is required; the embassy will not accept digital versions on your phone or via email.
  • Once printed, sign your name at the bottom of the DS-2019 Form under “Exchange Visitor Certification” on the first page. Your signature is an explicit acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program listed on page 2 of the form.
  • It is your responsibility as a participant of this program to abide by the laws of the federal, state, and local governments of the United States, as well as the rules and regulations set forth by InterExchange, your program sponsor.
  • Keep your DS-2019 Form in good condition throughout the entire visa process and your stay in the U.S.

NOTE: Though J-1 Visa holders must pay a SEVIS fee, J-2 Visa holders are not required to do so. InterExchange will pay the J-1 Visa holder’s SEVIS fee, and confirmation of payment is sent to the J-1 Visa holder upon visa sponsorship approval. As a J-2 Visa applicant, you will still need to demonstrate proof of payment by the J-1 Visa holder when applying for your visa by bringing a copy of the SEVIS payment receipt sent by InterExchange. Please remember that other fees may be required; confirm the exact amounts required by your embassy/consulate.

  • If your J-2 Visa is granted, the embassy/consulate will put the visa sticker in your passport and return it along with your DS-2019 form to you.
  • If you are denied a visa, please contact InterExchange immediately to discuss your options for reapplying.
    • In many cases you will be able to reapply and will simply need to bring information that you did not have during your first attempt.
    • Be sure to contact us so that we can help you decide if reapplying is a good idea and amend your program dates, if necessary.