At the beginning of each season, we ask our cooperators to return a signed copy of the IC Agreement and the required supplemental documentation prior to acting on behalf of InterExchange to recruit prospective exchange visitors. As you compile your documents and sign the IC agreement, please consider the changes you would like to make for the year ahead. Remember, all of the decisions you make will constitute a commitment for the entire season.

U.S. Government Regulations

The U.S. government requires all sponsors to have written contracts with their International Cooperators (IC), supported by documentation of business legitimacy. InterExchange will not release DS-2019 Forms to International Cooperators until the contract is signed and all supporting documents have been submitted. The supporting documents should be original and include translations for items not in English. All documentation must be updated annually. These documents include:

  • A written contract between InterExchange and the International Cooperator, including prices charged by IC and InterExchange.
  • Proof of business incorporation and current operating license. Agreement to notify InterExchange immediately of any change in legal business status (with translation).
  • Notarized statement from bank ensuring credit-worthiness of business or financial solvency (with translation).
  • Admission of any previous bankruptcy and all legal actions pending.
  • Three references from current business associates or partner organizations (with translation).
  • Outline of all previous experience conducting J-1 program activity, including names of previous and/or current sponsors in the U.S.
  • Outline of recruiting methods and copies of advertisements.
  • Criminal background clearance of responsible officers, which includes employees who administer the Work & Travel program, have access to participant documents and those who contact InterExchange or government agencies regarding the participants.
  • Detailed price list. The prices should clearly state all fees, including InterExchange, insurance, embassy visa application, SEVIS, and any travel arrangement charges.
  • Notarized financial statements.
Students interested in being sponsored by InterExchange must choose a program option (Job Placement Program, Self-Placement Program) before the interview and orientation. They will be interviewed for consideration in one program only. Students are not permitted to change their program option after the interview date.All program options include:
  • The DS-2019 Form and the electronic I-901 (SEVIS fee payment receipt of $35 not included), are necessary to apply for the J-1 Visa that allows up to four months of work in the United States.
  • Handbooks, emergency assistance, and continued support throughout the season.

Services Not Provided by InterExchange

  • Travel expenses or arrangements to and from the interview city in the home country
  • Airfare to the United States or cost of transportation to the job location
  • Cost of accident and sickness insurance
  • There will be no refund for any unused portion of the student arrival services.
Participants’ insurance may be arranged through InterExchange for the duration of the program using a reputable insurance provider.
For students who apply and are accepted into our Job Placement program, we send applicants’ information to employers who want to recruit international students. When matching them with potential employers, we consider experience, English skills, preferred job type, and location.Services provided include:
  • Mandatory pre-selection orientation & interview in the student’s home country. Access to employer job listings and the ability to put applications on review with an employer. InterExchange does not guarantee placement, as the employer’s hiring decision is based on English level, program dates, participant videos, and overall application. Access to InterExchange’s online orientation. This program requires a high level of commitment, as students will not be allowed to leave or change jobs without InterExchange’s knowledge and approval.
  • Make sure students understand the following aspects of the Summer Work Travel program:
  • The Summer Work Travel program requires that students work during their exchange program. If a student is out of work for an extended period, the person’s program will be shortened. Students out of work for longer than ten days must call InterExchange. We will assist students who need help finding work.
  • Students who do not want to work during their time in the U.S. should not apply to the Summer Work Travel program. They can apply for a tourist visa instead.
  • Students whose main objective is to make money should not apply to the Summer Work Travel program.
  • Students are expected to participate in and demonstrate involvement in U.S. cultural and community activities.
For students who have already secured a job offer from an employer in the U.S., InterExchange can serve as the J-1 Visa sponsor through our Self-Placement program. Services provided include:
  • Mandatory pre-selection orientation & interview in the student’s home country
  • Vetting and confirmation of all job offers by InterExchange
  • Orientation and materials given to students before they depart from their home countries
  • Access to InterExchange’s online orientation
  • To ensure student safety and regulatory compliance, students must keep in touch with InterExchange throughout the program.
  • Students must have a valid email address and a secondary means of contact via Zoom (or similar instant messaging system).
  • We verify email addresses prior to departure and participants are responsible for checking their email at least every few days if not daily.
  • Students must check email and their social media accounts regularly for messages from InterExchange. Students should ensure that emails from InterExchange do not go to their junk email folder.
  • All students must log into and watch the InterExchange online orientation before a DS-2019 form can be issued.
  • Students must notify InterExchange immediately if they encounter problems with their jobs, housing, health, safety, or welfare.
  • Students must check in with InterExchange every 30 days throughout the program. This can be completed online at the InterExchange dashboard, or by calling 1.800.621.1202 only. See the SEVIS section for details.