The Homestay

Safe Placements

  • Host families are screened for safety.
  • Families submit applications and references, have an interview, and pay a program fee. They are not paid for hosting you.

Typical Family

  • Families vary in personality and size but they’re all excited about cultural exchange and value English exposure for their kids (and often the parents too).
  • Usually at least one parent is conversational in English. If you’d like to work on your Spanish let them know—they’re happy to help!
  • Most families reside in the suburbs of Madrid, are middle class, and have children in either elementary or middle school.

Matching Process

  • We’ll look for a family that’s open to hosting for your desired dates.
  • Once we have a match, we’ll send you their profile.
  • You’ll set up a video chat to ensure it’s a good fit with our guidance to help you make the most of your call.

Living with a Family

Living with a host family is about connecting with the family members and integrating into their life. Families want tutors who:

  • are eager to learn about Spain and Spanish culture.
  • behave like an ambassador from the U.S. and a role model for the children.
  • engage with them over meals and share their culture.

The Tutoring Role

Conversational English

  • Generally informal and focused on helping with speaking and listening skills.
  • Be creative! Use games, listen to music with English lyrics, or even watch English television and movies.
  • You’ll receive sample tutoring activities and you’ll have a chance to connect with a family before you leave the U.S. to find out what they’re looking for in a tutor.


  • 15 hours per week (usually just three hours/day during the week)
  • It’s rare for a host family to ask you to tutor on the weekends.
  • When you connect with a potential family, you can discuss the tutoring schedule so you know what to expect.

Free Time

  • There’s lots of free time to venture out locally and even travel on the weekends.
  • Madrid is filled with museums, beautiful parks, cafes, and tapas bars.
  • There are plenty of day trips (e.g., Aranjuez, Palacio de El Pardo, Toledo, and Segovia) and weekend trips (e.g., Granada, and Sevilla) from Madrid. Some participants link up with each other to explore. We’ll connect you with anyone in your region.
  • A Spanish language class is a great way to meet other people while developing your skills. We’ll suggest some schools in Madrid.