Important Documents: DS-2019 Forms & SEVIS Receipts

Once we have placed a participant at a camp, we will create and print the DS-2019 Form based on the information that was entered on their application Before submitting any applications to InterExchange, please review the participants’ biographical information in their applications (especially the Place of Birth!). The information on the DS-2019 form needs to match their passport. If there are errors, please notify us immediately.

You should only give the DS-2019 Form to a participant once you have received the signed placement offer. A participant should sign the DS-2019 Form before submitting it to the embassy. Encourage participants to make sure all their information is correct on the application because this determines what is printed on the DS-2019 Form.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the different sections of the DS-2019 Form.

There are two dates listed in Section 3. These dates indicate the period of time during which the participants may legally work at camp. The participants will have 30 days to travel after their contracts end. The participants must leave the U.S. on or before the conclusion of this 30-day grace period.

Along with the DS-2019 Forms, you will receive SEVIS receipts for all of your participants. They must bring these receipts with them to the embassy when applying for their visas. This receipt serves as proof that they have paid their SEVIS fee to the government and it is required to apply for a J-1 Visa. This receipt can also be found online; click “Check I-901 Status.”

For step by step instructions on how applicants can book their visa interview, please see How to Book your visa Interview at the Embassy

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