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Completing & Submitting the Application

Phase 2: Completing & Submitting the Application

Prior to submitting your first application to our Career Training USA program, it is important that you view the Application Guidelines in the Cooperator Refresher Training PowerPoint, as well as the Online Application Instructions in the Cooperator Resource Center. These will help clarify how to submit a complete application and ensure all documents meet InterExchange’s specifications. Using these tools will help ensure quick and smooth processing of your applications.

Program applications are managed in our online system through which each applicant must log in, complete required information, sign the program agreement, and upload supporting documents. Please ensure that participants review the Application Instructions before submitting their application to you for review. The DS-7002 Training Plan, which employers complete, is also built into our online application system and must be electronically signed by each phase supervisor and the applicant before submitting the application to InterExchange.

Please ensure that host employers review the DS-7002 Training Plan Guide and Employer Instructions before submitting a training plan. Once an application is approved, the fully executed and final version of the DS-7002 printed on the official Department of State form can be accessed from the participant’s or employer’s online application. Under no circumstances should anyone but the employer complete this document.

Program Fees

Please note that upon submitting an application to InterExchange, we create and send an invoice. Therefore, the Fee and Refund Schedule goes into effect upon submission.

InterExchange provides all International Cooperators with fees that reflect a discount from the standard rate. Each International Cooperator is permitted to charge additional fees above InterExchange’s discounted fees in order to cover recruitment and administrative costs. The fees that you may charge are those agreed upon in your annual program agreement with InterExchange Career Training USA. If you wish to make any changes to your fee and/or refund schedule, you must notify InterExchange in writing and obtain confirmation of our acceptance of the proposed change(s) before implementation.

Further, annually updated fee lists must be exchanged between InterExchange and each International Cooperator, as per §62.22(g) in the Intern/Trainee federal program regulations. At the end of each calendar year, InterExchange will let International Cooperators know what the fees will be for the following year. All cooperators must submit their fee information to InterExchange by the end of the current year in order to maintain a relationship for the following program year.

Unless otherwise specified, applicants pay all fees directly to you, and then you submit the InterExchange portion of the fees to us. An application fee must accompany each application. We will not move an application to “In Queue” for review if any portion of the payment is missing. Cooperators who do not process applications and payments in a timely fashion may lose the ability to collect payment on behalf of InterExchange or to continue to cooperate with InterExchange on our Career Training USA program.

Participants and any of their dependents must be covered by accident & sickness insurance for the entire length of the program. All of our Career Training USA participants are automatically covered by accident & sickness insurance that meets or exceeds the U.S. Department of State’s minimum requirements. This insurance is included in the program fee. If a participant is bringing a dependent spouse or child, each dependent must purchase insurance, according to our fee schedule.

Accident & sickness insurance is not comprehensive health insurance. If participants have a pre-existing condition that requires regular doctor visits or medication, they should ensure that additional health insurance is in place to cover any needs unrelated to an unexpected accident or illness. Some participants may have existing health insurance or be offered health insurance through their host employers, but they must still retain their InterExchange arranged accident & sickness insurance, which includes benefits such as emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains. No applicant can decline the coverage offered through the program fee.

Detailed information about InterExchange’s accident & sickness insurance can be found on our website.

Further, unless exempt by local law, all employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If participants are injured while training, they should file a workers’ compensation claim in order to receive the benefits of the employer’s insurance.

Applicants with pre-existing medical conditions or mental health issues should consult their home-country physicians prior to coming to the U.S. to ensure conditions or issues will not worsen if subject to travel-related stress, culture shock, change in diet or climate, etc. Participants who require continued or extended hospital care and medical treatment while in the U.S. that, in InterExchange’s opinion, interfere with the intended purpose of the program will be asked to return home to seek care at their own expense and may have their program ended.

During the application and pre-departure phases, InterExchange will contact you with any questions or to relay information to the applicant. Once participants arrive in the United States, though, InterExchange will contact participants directly with requests, updates, and event invitations at the email address provided on their applications. Please ensure applicants provide an address that they check regularly and will continue to use once in the U.S.

Please also emphasize the importance of reading and responding to any and all messages from InterExchange. Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the program.

Once an application is submitted to InterExchange, it becomes the property of our organization. Per regulations, we are required to keep files for all applicants for no less than three years, and the file must include the original documents. Employers should request any information they need regarding an applicant prior to extending an offer. If employers wish to have copies of any documents (transcripts, diplomas, etc.), please request that that applicant share these with the host directly.