Training Plan Guide

A step-by-step guide for completing the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan

The DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan, or the Training Plan, is a Department of State-required document for all J-1 Interns and Trainees. The purpose of the Training Plan is to create a comprehensive framework of what the Intern or Trainee will be doing and how they will be trained throughout their program

NOTE: It is important that the Training Plan be completed in detail, as this document will be presented during the participant’s interview at the U.S. Embassy. It will also be uploaded to SEVIS, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, which is maintained by the Department of Homeland Security.

Step 1: Check Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Watch the Training Plan Instructional Video

View this short instructional video.

Step 3: Begin the Training Plan

  • Click on the “Training Plans” tab in your online account. Select the intern or trainee for whom you wish to create a training plan.
  • Complete all forms in the Host Forms section of the Training Plan (A “” will appear for each section when completed).
    • Confirm the Company Basics form.
      • IMPORTANT: You will only need to complete the Company Basics once. The information will be saved and carried over for future applicants. Do not revise the Company Basics unless there has been a change in address, phone number, DUNS #, FEIN #, or Annual Revenue for this specific location.
      • If your company has multiple locations, you will need to create a Host Employer Application for EACH site. Do not update the Company Basics address if you will be hosting participants at multiple locations. Contact us to add additional locations to your current employer record.
    • Complete the Program Information form.
      • Ensure that there are 5 full-time employees, on-site per J-1 Intern or Trainee. This excludes interns, temps, or independent contractors.
      • Select a Main Program Supervisor for the participant. This will be InterExchange’s primary contact for this specific participant.
    • Complete the Compensation form.
      • Ensure that all Trainees and all Interns whose programs are longer than 6-months are receiving at least the local minimum wage.
      • Programs over 6-months cannot be unpaid.
    • Sign the Host Employer Agreement.
      • This must be signed in order to send the Training Plan to the Participant.
    • Upload the Required Documents.
      • Upload a current copy of your Workers Compensation policy certificate OR proof of exemption or equivalent coverage if applicable. The Workers Compensation policy MUST demonstrate cover for the site of activity where the participant will be training.
      • View examples of acceptable Worker’s Compensation.
      • If you did not provide a Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) Number in the Company Basics section, you must upload a copy of your business license or registration to the documents section.

Step 4: Create Training Plan Phases

  • Click the “Add Training Plan Phase” button.
    • All training plans must have a minimum of one phase.
    • A training phase may not exceed four months. Training programs longer than four months will require multiple phases.
    • Each phase must be different and build off the previous phase.
    • Responses for each question should include at least 3-4 sentences.
    • Responses should be unique to each phase.
    • To copy phases from another participant, visit an existing Training Plan and use the Copy Phases button.
    • Review the short instructional video below to learn how to invite a new participant to your dashboard and how to copy phases from a previous training plan:

Step 5: Answer Phase Questions

In this section, we have outlined how to respond to all questions in a DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan phase. Please review the example DS-7002 Training Plan phase and the guidance below as you complete your application. Remember, you must provide unique answers for each phase.

Sample Training Plan
Sample Training Plan
Select Phase Supervisor

Select the Phase Supervisor from the dropdown list.

  • The selected phase supervisor must be the same person signing the phase. Their details must be included in the training phase supervision response.
  • The phase supervisor can be different than the main program supervisor. The main supervisor is InterExchange’s point of contact for overall program logistics. The phase supervisor is the person responsible for providing training during this particular phase.
  • If the phase supervisor does not have an account, invite them to the application by clicking “Invite Colleague” in the “Contacts” tab.
  • Logins cannot be shared – each contact must have their own login.
  • Only members of your organization, with company email addresses, may have access to training plans.

Provide a phase name to indicate the objective, focus, or departmental rotation for this phase.

Indicate the first and last day of the phase.

  • No phase can exceed 4 months.
  • There cannot be any gaps between phases (e.g., if the first phase ends on September 2nd, the next phase must begin on September 3rd, even if the 3rd is a weekend or holiday).
  • The cumulative phase dates must exactly match the program dates.
  • For hospitality programs that are six months or longer, ensure there is a minimum of three departmental rotations and phases.
  • Identify the role you will offer your Intern or Trainee and how his or her education or work experience will be applied in this role.
  • This response should introduce the general concept of this training phase and the participant’s role during this time.
  • The description should clarify how this phase fits into both your company’s mission and the academic/professional background of the intern/trainee.
  • List the specific goals and objectives for this phase and the skills the Intern or Trainee will be learning or improving.
  • This response should outline the goals and objectives the training in this phase is intended to accomplish and the expected outcomes.
  • This response is not meant to articulate how the participant will help you achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Please list the names and titles of those who will provide continuous supervision of the Trainee or Intern, including the primary supervisor. What are these persons’ qualifications to teach the planned learning?:

  • List the name(s) and qualifications (education, experience, or skills) of the supervisor(s) that will be involved in this phase of training.
  • This response should include all phase supervisors’ names, titles, and a brief description of their relevant professional backgrounds that qualify them to provide training in the participant’s field.
  • The phase supervisor who signs this phase must be one of the supervisors referenced in this response.
  • Provide specific examples of cultural activities outside the typical workplace experience that you will facilitate.
  • Since this is a cultural exchange program, the expectation is that you will help facilitate cultural activities outside the typical training environment.
  • List the specific skills and knowledge the Intern or Trainee will gain by training with you and your colleagues in this phase.
  • This response must include specific knowledge, skills, or techniques related to either the intern’s field of study or the trainee’s past professional experience that they will attain from training with your organization.
  • Provide specific examples of what the participant will learn by training in the United States with your organization and how this learning builds upon their previous experience and acquired knowledge.
  • Explain how the skills and techniques will be taught to the Intern or Trainee.
  • This response should include specific methods of instruction or tasks that are relevant to this phase.
  • Provide examples of how the participant will be taught during this phase.
  • You must demonstrate a plan for guided training, not simply an assignment of tasks.
  • Explain how the Intern or Trainee’s progress will be evaluated and how you will ensure that the goals and objectives of this phase are achieved.
  • This response should clarify how the participant’s progress will be evaluated and how you will ensure that the goals and objectives of this phase are reached.

Step 6: Review and Sign Training Plan

  • Confirm each phase question is answered with at least three to four sentences or bullet points (The plan must be specific and clear and cannot include “see previous phase” or “tbd”).
  • Confirm each phase is unique and builds upon the previous phase(s).
  • Confirm that the plan does not encompass more than 20% clerical tasks.
  • Complete the following when you’re ready to submit the training plan:
    • Confirm that each phase is digitally signed by the phase supervisor listed. (The phase supervisor for each phase will sign by clicking the “Sign Phase” button).
    • Ensure all phases signatures and the Host Employer agreement are signed by the contacts from their own account. Signatures cannot be provided by a proxy or by using another contact’s login details.
    • Ensure that the status of the training plan has changed to “Submitted”.

Step 7: Send the Training Plan to the Participant

  • Click on “Send Trainng Plan to Participant.”
  • All host forms and documents must be completed and each phase must be signed by the phase supervisor before the Training Plan can be sent to the participant.
  • This will notify the participant that the training plan is ready for review and will prompt them to sign the Participant Agreement and submit to InterExchange.


  • Once the participant signs the agreement and submits a complete application, InterExchange will begin the review.
  • If you need to make adjustments to phases after submission, please contact InterExchange.
  • If we approve the training plan and overall program, you will be able to download a copy of the fully executed training plan from your online application.