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Work & Travel Canada Young Professional
Work & Travel Canada Young Professional
Work & Travel Canada Young Professional

Develop your career in Canada

The Young Professional program allows U.S. citizens 18-35 to work in their field for up to one year. You’ll have support during the application process and throughout your program.
work & Travel Canada program
Work & Travel Canada for exchange students

Limited spaces available

If you already have an offer of paid, full-time employment in Canada, the Young Professional Visa could be a great option for you!

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Life-changing international opportunities

InterExchange programs expand the worldviews of participants and hosts alike. Participants experience personal and professional growth, while hosts enjoy the intercultural value that these young people bring to their businesses and homes.

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How it works

The Work & Travel Canada—Young Professional visa program invites candidates who currently have a job offer from a Canadian employer to work with the same employer for up to a year.


Work throughout Canada.


Start anytime.

Application deadline

Rolling until government closes program.


What types of jobs qualify?
Jobs that fall under categories 0, 1, 2, or 3 of Canada’s TEER system system are eligible. They must be paid, and must relate to your field of study, training, or occupation. If you do not have a qualifying job, please apply for the standard Work & Travel Canada program (also for U.S. citizens 18-35).

International Experience Canada (IEC)

For official purposes you will be a participant on the International Experience Canada (IEC) – Young Professional program. IEC is the government body that oversees work exchange programs to and from Canada. Citizens from some countries are actually able to apply for this program through IEC directly. However, IEC requires that U.S. citizens work with a private organization they recognize, a “Recognized Organization” (R.O.).


SWAP Working Holidays

SWAP is an organization recognized by IEC (R.O.) making it possible for U.S. citizens to participate. SWAP is a cultural exchange organization based in Vancouver and Toronto offering programs in Canada, as well as for programs Canadians traveling abroad. Once you’re in Canada, they will be your main point of support.



InterExchange collaborates with SWAP from the U.S. We support you, a U.S. citizen, during the application process and provide pre-departure information. We are available to demystify the sometimes confusing IEC application. InterExchange is nonprofit 501(c)(3) cultural exchange organization offering experiences in the U.S. for citizens of countries worldwide, and programs abroad for U.S. citizens.

The first step is applying with InterExchange, and then we will contact you within a few business days regarding the next steps. We will inform SWAP of your intention to apply and advise you on the work permit application process through IEC.

After applying through IEC you must await approval to travel, after which you’re able to obtain a work permit upon entering Canada. You must have travel medical insurance and support funds before traveling.

Work permit processing times vary but we enocurage you to apply at least three months prior to your job start date.

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Develop your career in Canada

You’ll have support during the application process and throughout your program. 

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