Job Placement Program - Special Requests

Special Request Jobs

InterExchange also offers some special request jobs. These placements are not guaranteed, and an applicant will only be placed at one of these locations if he or she specifically asks for it. This is because these jobs do not appeal to everyone, and there are often special requirements needed (e.g., longer commitment). An example of Special Request Job is:

National Parks

Death Valley and Sequoia (California), Denali (Alaska), Glacier (Montana), Grand Canyon (Arizona), Mt. Rainier (Washington), and Yellowstone (Wyoming). National Parks hire thousands of people from all over the U.S. and the world. They require the ability to live in a rustic area. The types of jobs available are the same as in other resort areas. Students will not be working outdoors, but they will be able take advantage of the parks’ famous natural beauty during their free time.

Second Jobs

Students may take a second job, as long as it does not interfere with the first job. Students must make sure that the schedules for their second jobs are compatible with their first job.

A student’s work performance should not be affected by a second job.

Students are responsible for finding their own second jobs, but InterExchange must approve the employer and the position before students can begin work.

Students should not question employers about second jobs immediately upon arrival, as the students’ primary focus should be on their original host employers’ needs.

Second jobs cannot entail overnight shifts or be in prohibited types of employment (as listed in Chapter 8).

Placement With a Friend

We do not guarantee placement with a friend.

Friend groups must be linked in the online web application system when reviewing and submitting participant applications.

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