SEVIS Fee and I-901 Form

All students must pay an additional $35 fee to the Department of Homeland Security to help administer and maintain the SEVIS system. This fee is not refundable if a visa is denied. InterExchange will invoice ICs for this fee, which will be due upon payment of program fees. InterExchange will then send the DS-2019 Forms and the SEVIS fee receipts (I-901 Form) to ICs.

Please ensure students know that the additional fee is separate from program fees. This is not a program fee increase.

All students must log on to our website’s SEVIS Dashboard at upon arrival at their jobs to register their housing addresses and employment information and repeat the process every 30 days.

The best way to register is:

Students may also register:

  • By telephone: 1.800.621.1202

All students must register, but only once they have arrived in the U.S. They should not enter their housing and/or employment information into SEVIS before arriving in the U.S. Registration must be done within ten days of their arrival in the U.S. and continuously every 30 days until departure. If this registration is not followed within these time periods the students are subject to termination. Termination status has a negative impact on a participant’s status and has an adverse effect on the Exchange Visitor’s immigration record. If terminated, students must make arrangements to promptly leave the United States or will be subject to potential law enforcement action.

InterExchange must receive the most current address for each student. Students must continually update their U.S. addresses as well as their employment addresses every 30 days; this is a mandatory requirement. Students must update information via our website at and register the information every 30 days, even if their housing or employment information has not changed.

If a student’s housing address changes, he or she must log on to and inform us of the change within 10 days of the change. Failure to do so will result in program termination.

Many students find new jobs once their work commitment ends with their first employer. Those students must also re-register their new housing and employment information.

Any student who has finished work and is traveling must log on to and inform InterExchange of the date their travel period begins.

Updated SEVIS Reporting Regulations:

Students must register their information with InterExchange (via or by phone 1.800.621.1202) upon arrival in U.S. and at least once every 30 days thereafter, even if their information has not changed.

Students must present each new job offer to InterExchange if they are changing jobs or getting additional jobs. Students must submit their new job information to InterExchange (via or by phone 1.800.621.1202) for approval.

Each student MUST wait for InterExchange to approve any new or additional job and confirm with the new employer about the student’s hiring status. The student cannot work at a new job until this is done.

Failure to update InterExchange regarding housing or employment changes will result in termination of the participant’s program.

Social Security cards will not be processed until the student is active in SEVIS. If a student’s housing or employment address is wrong in SEVIS, or a student has failed to register at all, that student will be removed from the program. Students who fail to register or keep their information updated may be subject to arrest and deportation. The same penalties apply to those students who leave their place of employment without clear permission from InterExchange. All permission for job changes or additional jobs must be cleared with the InterExchange Work & Travel USA team in New York prior to starting work.

All students should arrive in the U.S. with an understanding of SEVIS regulations. Cooperators are responsible for notifying all students of these regulations. 100% registration is required. If students sent through an IC do not register as required, InterExchange may reduce the allocation accepted from that IC in future seasons.

Work & Travel USA by InterExchange SEVIS Important Information flyer