(Second and Third-Timers)

Students previously on the InterExchange Work & Travel USA program often wish to return for a second time through our Self-Placement program. Rules for pre-arranging a job also apply to returning students. Before InterExchange sponsors these students’ visas, our team will verify their past participation and confirm that all program requirements were completed.

Recent Changes to the U.S. Department of State Work & Travel Regulations

Students who have been previously sponsored or placed by other work and travel agencies are eligible for our program.

There is no longer any limit to the number of repeat students who wish to participate (e.g. third-time students are eligible as long as they fulfill the program requirements).

Students who were camp counselors or au pairs are considered first-timers.

Students who were camp support staff are considered second-timers.

InterExchange reviews student files and contacts past employers when determining whether a second-time student will be accepted to the program.

Past students who have violated the terms and conditions of our Work & Travel USA program and have, by the judgment of InterExchange, shown themselves to be poor employees will not be considered for repeat participation.

Whether the Job Offer is from a previous employer or a new employer, InterExchange will call the employer to confirm the Job Offer. As with all students, if a Job Offer proves invalid or unacceptable, InterExchange will reject the student.

A Job Offer does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

All returning students must attend orientation and interviews in their home country.

Any student providing false or inaccurate information about previous J-1 Visa participation will be cancelled from the program and forfeit their program fees. ICs should attach a photocopy of each student’s passport with all previous J-1 Visas to verify the student’s status.