Interview Guidelines & Sample Documents

English Ability

(For countries where English is not the primary language.)

Most students’ English levels fall below an 8. Please mark your students’ English conservatively and let them know that strong English skills do not guarantee counter or sales help positions. InterExchange rates the participants’ English speaking abilities on the following scale:

10Suitable for: all positions. Normally reserved for native English speakers. Student demonstrates absolute proficiency in speaking and comprehension. Applicant is able to both understand and converse using sophisticated vocabulary and correct sentence structure.
9Suitable for: all positions. Completely fluent. Sentence structures are perfect. Understands difficult questions and uses abstract terms. No problems communicating or conversing on an advanced level.
8Suitable for: receptionist and all positions listed below. Nearly fluent. Responses come quickly and naturally. Has an above average vocabulary, understanding almost everything.
7Suitable for: cashier, host/hostess, waiter/waitress and all positions listed below. Highly conversational English. Understands almost everything. Speaking ability is strong, just needs a little practice. Can communicate with native English speakers without a problem. Varies vocabulary, although sometimes needs to search for words.
6Suitable for: concessions, game operator, ice cream vending, prep cook, and all positions listed below. Conversational English. Understands basic English vocabulary, including most common terms. Thinks quickly, but sometimes translates from mother tongue. Gets a little lost when conversation becomes abstract. Easily carries a basic conversation.
5Suitable for: bus person, dishwasher, groundskeeping, housekeeping, stock clerk, and cleaner. Low conversational skills. Applicant can certainly be understood but speaks in broken English. Can respond in sentence form even if grammar and sentence structures are not correct. Applicant often translates from mother tongue.
4Not suitable for program. Applicant can only understand basic English, but is able to respond even if only in words or phrases. Grammar and sentence structure are poor but understandable. Speaking ability is limited but has potential to improve with daily practice.
3Not suitable for program. Applicant understands words and phrases but has extreme difficulty understanding sentences if they are spoken at normal speed. Student has very limited vocabulary. Daily practice is absolutely necessary for improvement.
2Not suitable for program. Understands very little. Speaking takes a great effort. Applicant comprehends some words and phrases but has to make a big effort to communicate. No conversational skills at all.
1Not suitable for program. Applicant cannot understand any conversation and knows little or no English.
  • What is your primary goal for joining the InterExchange Work & Travel USA program?
  • What are your future career goals? How will the InterExchange Work & Travel USA program help you to reach these goals?
  • Have you ever had a job? What was the hardest / best thing about your job? Why did you find the job difficult/enjoyable?
  • What is most important to you: your choice of type of job, your choice of location, or your request to be placed with your friend(s)? Please explain.
  • What if you do not get your first choice of job? Is there any job you will not perform? If so, why? Is there any location you would not work at? If so, why?
  • How do you feel about being separated from your friends & family for three to four months?
  • What was your favorite travel experience? What did you enjoy the most about it?
  • What activities outside of work are you interested in specifically?
InterExchange Work & Travel USA Interview report
InterExchange Work & Travel USA Interview Report
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