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Leveraging Your International Internship in Your Future Job Search

An internship in the U.S. is an incredible learning opportunity that should significantly boost your future career prospects. These professional, personal, and cultural experiences were likely part of the reason you decided to participate in the first place!

Now that your program has come to an end, it’s time to take a look at that experience and how you can use it to develop your career. InterExchange Career Training USA wants you to succeed, so we have compiled some information about how to use your international internship experience to launch your future career.

References and Recommendation Letters

As you say goodbye to your U.S. colleagues, make sure to keep their contact details or connect with them via LinkedIn.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with former employers and coworkers is important if you ever need a professional reference. Chances are, your employer would be more than happy to act as a reference or write a recommendation letter for you.

Guide to Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Now that you have completed your internship in the U.S., you have some valuable experience to add to your LinkedIn profile that can appeal to employers in your home country. Likewise, you can take advantage of the Jobs feature on LinkedIn and search for positions in your home country.

Take a look at our section-by-section LinkedIn guide for tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn while avoiding some common mistakes.

Leveraging Social Media in the Job Search

Social networking is more relevant than ever as people expand their networks online. While social networking may never fully replace the more traditional methods of networking, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can still be leveraged effectively as part of a job search.

If you are considering a future job upon returning to your home country, it is a good idea to start thinking about your social media presence now.

Going Home: Reverse Culture Shock and Reentry

The W Curve illustrates the ups and downs of culture shock.
The W Curve illustrates the ups and downs of culture shock.

Though you may have been confronted with “culture shock” when you arrived in the U.S. for your internship/training program, you may also experience similar feelings upon your return home.

Reverse culture shock, though lesser known than culture shock, is a phenomenon experienced by those returning to their home country after spending substantial time living abroad.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the challenges faced as well as some tips for dealing with them.

Whether you spent two months in the U.S. or 18 months, you are returning home with a new perspective on American culture, as evidenced through the photos you’ve taken, friends you’ve made and places you’ve seen. By using the tips and ideas above, we encourage you to continue your exchange experience by sharing your thoughts and memories with those around you.

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Alliance for International Exchange
The International Coalition for Global Education and Exchange
European-American Chamber of Commerce New York
Generation Study Abroad
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International Au Pair Association
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