Each participant’s compensation package is different; there is no standard for earnings. In fact, many internships are unpaid. The amount listed on your training plan is the amount of money that you can expect to earn during your program. Please note that you are required to pay taxes on any earned income, so the amount of money you receive each month may be lower than the gross amount indicated on your training plan.

Employee Benefits

Host employers are not required to extend the same benefits to interns and trainees as they would to a regular employee. Before you arrive, you should discuss the following with your host employer so that you understand how these issues may affect your pay:
  • Overtime
  • Vacation time
  • Sick time
  • Paid holidays
TIP: It is also highly recommended that you request this information in an official letter.

Pay Increases and Promotions

Pay Increases

Your employer may wish to offer you a raise or promotion if they feel that you have done an excellent job and deserve higher pay or more responsibility. If there are any changes to your salary, please inform InterExchange so that your training plan can be updated.
NOTE: InterExchange cannot ask your employer to pay more than the amount listed on your training plan.


In the event that your employer would like to add new responsibilities to your job description, these responsibilities must first be approved by InterExchange and a new DS-7002 form may need to be created.
NOTE: If more than one intern/trainee is interning/training with your host employer, your employer is not obligated to give everyone raises and/or promotions. Your employer will consider various factors when deciding whom to give raises and promotions.

Additional Employment

If you will be unable to support yourself financially throughout your program, it is recommended that you withdraw from the program before traveling to the U.S.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances are you permitted to seek additional employment while in the U.S. Do not plan to work a second job to supplement your income. Working outside of your internship/training program location is strictly prohibited and is a very serious violation of your visa terms. Your program will be terminated and you may not be allowed to return to the U.S. in the future if you violate this rule.