Popular Music in American Culture

A collection of curated playlists from around the USA

Many types of music got their start in the United States – from hip hop and rap to country, blues and rock and roll. Immigrant groups who settled in the United States also influenced many styles of music and made them a part of American music history, like bluegrass, gospel, Cajun and Tejano music. We have curated some regional playlists, which include both classic and current hits!

Southeastern Songs

Midwestern Music

NYC Tunes

West Coast Soul

Atlantic Tracks

Holiday Music

The Holiday season in the U.S. starts with Thanksgiving and usually ends after the new year. This is a time for family gatherings and festivities. In true American style, there is a music for each celebration.

Participants can learn more about history of American music using online resources from the Center for American Music Library. And use the JamBase Music Guide or local newspapers and websites to find upcoming music performances in a local community!

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