Preparing for a Professional Video Interview

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The professional world is changing. 2020’s global lockdown forced businesses to conduct many operations remotely. It is important that you adapt as well, and develop your skills at participating in video interviews.

Video interviews may occur on several platforms, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or GoToMeeting. Despite the variety of platforms, there are a few aspects of preparing for video interviews that remain consistent. This article will discuss how to prepare.

Preparing for a Video Interview:

1. Brush up on your interview techniques!

Are you familiar with the stages of an interview? Do you know how to succinctly answer questions using the STAR Method? If not, review this article.

2. Prepare your workspace for the call.

Make sure that you have access to a good internet connection and that you are alone somewhere quiet - a noisy background will be distracting for both you and your interviewer. If you have technical difficulties, contact your interviewer to discuss other alternatives.

3. Treat your video interview as you would an in-person interview

Be ready to start your interview on time, look professional, and turn off or silence your mobile phone.

Man in suit smiles
The goal is to have your professional dress and demeanor shine through your interviewer’s screen as if you were there in person!
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4. Reflect.

Take some time before your interview to reflect on your background. Be prepared to discuss how it has prepared you for the internship or job. Have you taken relevant classes? What other internships have you previously held? The more details you can share with your interviewer, the better.

Next Steps

Man in suit smiles with arms over head
And you’re done!
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After the interview, be prepared to wait anywhere from a day to a few weeks for a response. During this time, you should send a follow up “thank you” email in accordance with these email best practices.) Remember that your best friends in the interview process are preparation and confidence. Give yourself time to prepare, and present yourself as a competent professional. Chances are, things will turn out well!

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