U.S. Arrivals


As you finish the placement season, InterExchange welcomes new arrivals. In order to help you prepare your participants for their first 48 hours in the U.S., we offer the following description of our arrival procedures and policies.


Flight dates can be any day of the week but you must indicate which day each participant is arriving as soon as the flight is booked.

InterExchange Camp USA does not arrange airport pickups. Please tell the participants how important it is for them to review and follow the travel instructions that have been given to them by their camp (these are also available in their online account). Do not encourage them to meet up with family members or friends and warn them not to accept rides or offers from anyone at the airport. If a participant has been instructed to fly into New York City and elected to stay at a hostel (we recommend Hosteling International), they should proceed directly to the hostel.

You can help us keep track of arrivals by collecting flight and arrival information from your participants and adding it to the Flight section of their application in app

Travel to Camp

Every participant will receive travel instructions to camp. However, participants should double-check these instructions during their pre-camp correspondence with the camp directors. Each participant will also have individualized travel instructions posted to their online account. Most participants will take a bus or a train to camp, while a few will fly and some will be picked up from a designated meeting point. All participants must arrive in the U.S. with a minimum of $250 for food, travel and other expenses.

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