Matching and Placement

The applicant must fill in all sections of the online application honestly so that we can arrange the best possible placement. An applicant who smokes, for example, should tell the truth even if he or she fears not being placed. InterExchange Camp USA exercises great flexibility in addressing our participants’ individual situations, but applicants must present all relevant information at the beginning of the placement process and not after they are placed. Once we have reviewed and accepted an application, we start the placement process.

The Matching Process

  • Each camp registers online, detailing information about the camp and their staffing needs for the coming summer. Camps may opt-in to allow their profiles to be visible online to applicants. Applicants can then browse camps, view their websites, and send their application directly to them for consideration.
  • Matching can happen one of three ways.
    1. An InterExchange Camp USA representative will personally match an application with a camp. We review profiles of both the camps and the participants to create an appropriate match and are regularly checking in with camps to get their current staffing needs.
    2. The participants can log in and view the list of enrolled camps and send their application to a camp they are interested in. They are then “on review” with that camp and should give the camp the 7 day review period to see their application. Participants can not apply to more than one camp at a time. They should think carefully before putting their application “on review” with a camp.
    3. A camp will view the list of available participants and choose to review participants based on their skills and what they are looking for. A participant will be notified when a camp chooses to review their application. The camp has a maximum of seven days to exclusively review each application and during this time, the application will not be seen by any other camp. The camp may call or email the applicant to speak to him or her personally. Please tell your participants to check their email and junk mail folders frequently. There have been some instances when participants don’t check their email and camp directors reject them because they don’t hear back from them. If a participant does not want to be reviewed by a particular camp, they may remove themselves before the review period is over, but they should have a very good reason for doing this. We highly encourage participants to stay open minded and take interviews with camps before making a decision to reject a camp.
  • If the camp would like to hire a participant, he or she will receive a placement offer that they will need to digitally sign through their online dashboard. If the participant does not accept the placement offer within five days, he or she will lose the placement. If a participant rejects a placement, please inform us immediately. Participants must have a very good reason for rejecting the offer.
  • If the camp rejects the participant, their application returns to the general pool to be viewed by all registered camps, or we will manually send the application to another camp where we think they will be a good fit.
  • Go to the “Matching” tab in your online account at to see which participants are On Review, Offered, or Placed at any given time. You will not receive email notifications for these actions so you will need to be diligent about checking these lists regularly to know what is happening with your applicants.
  • Once a Placement Offer is signed, we’ll start processing the DS2019 paperwork needed for their visa!
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