The Camp USA Program for Hosts

Program Overview

InterExchange Camp USA helps participants connect with a U.S camp where they will be working alongside Americans as “camp counselors”. Camp USA applicants apply to one of three program categories: Camp Placement, Self Placement, or Returning Placement. While many of the details covered in this handbook are specific to Camp Placement participants, Self Placement and Returning Placement participants will also find many of the issues covered to be useful.

Our Role

As a J-1 Visa sponsor, InterExchange serves as the central contact point for U.S. camps, international participants and ICs. We take great pride in running our program with a personal approach, which is why your camp will have a specific point of contact on our team.  During the summer, we visit as many camps as possible to evaluate the success of our participants and gain a better sense of each host camp’s environment and staffing needs. When you choose to work with us, you can expect:

  • Personalized service from dedicated InterExchange Camp USA program professionals.
  • Your own placement specialist who will identify candidates truly appropriate for your camp.
  • Thoroughly screened applicants, interviewed by an InterExchange Camp USA placement specialist or a trained International Cooperator.
  • DS-2019 Forms and visa application support for all of our participants.
  • 24-hour program support throughout the summer.

InterExchange Camp USA Participant Requirements

InterExchange Camp USA recruits applicants who are:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 28 during the summer of participation.
  • Students, teachers, youth workers or individuals with specialized skills.
  • Fluent in English and able to attend an orientation and interview in their home country.
  • Experienced and/or enthusiastic about working with children in a camp environment.
  • Highly motivated and committed to the program for 8 to 15 weeks.

InterExchange Camp USA is committed to selecting and matching the most qualified candidates to prospective camps. We understand and appreciate the importance of camper safety; we work with you to address your safety concerns by maintaining strict standards and procedures throughout the selection process and to address questions during your participation in the program.

Program Options

All InterExchange Camp USA candidates participate in one of three placement types: Camp Placement, Self Placement or Returning Placement. Camp Placement participants are screened and placed in a U.S. camp by InterExchange Camp USA. Self Placement participants are first time international candidates who have accepted a job offer from a specific camp prior to submitting their application to InterExchange. Returning Placements are participants who have worked at a camp in a previous year and have  decided to return for another summer. Regardless of the placement type selected, all participants must submit the required paperwork in order to be considered for participation in our program.

Please note: InterExchange is limited in how many third year or more Return Placements we can sponsor per year. This quota is usually reached in early January. Please encourage your returning staff members to apply as early as possible to secure a spot in the program.