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If you are unable to offer housing to your participant as part of your compensation package, we encourage you to offer some assistance to your intern/trainee as they seek housing in the U.S. InterExchange Career Training USA provides participants with a number of general resources on housingtransportation, and U.S. culture, but since we have participants located all across the U.S., you will be your participants’ best resource on finding housing and getting around in your local area.

We generally recommend that participants secure temporary housing in a hostel or hotel so that they can look for permanent housing once they have arrived in the U.S. Any recommendations or assistance you can provide to help facilitate this process will allow the participant to acclimate to life in the U.S. much more quickly.

Consider providing your participant with information on:

  • Recommended neighborhoods in the area
  • Neighborhoods to avoid
  • Websites most locals use to look for housing
  • Average cost of housing in the area
  • Transportation options available

If your local area does not have a reliable public transportation system, advise your participant on the best ways to get around. Depending on the neighborhood where they will live, they may be able to walk or ride a bike to the office.

It may be that you recommend that your participant purchase a car. If that is the case, we encourage you to provide advice on buying a car in your local area. InterExchange has resources available to participants on buying and insuring a car in the U.S., but you will have the most reliable information on any specific state or city laws of which they should be aware.

Don’t forget to remind your participant that they must have a valid driver’s license to legally drive in the U.S.


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