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When to Contact InterExchange

When to Contact InterExchange

As your participant’s visa sponsor, InterExchange should be informed of any issues, questions, or concerns that may arise throughout the program. Not only do we need to be notified of minor updates, like phone number changes, so that we can keep SEVIS records up to date, but we also need to be informed of any major issues or events that affect the training or health and safety of the participant.

Please be sure to contact InterExchange in the event of any of the following occurrences:

  • Changes to company basics:
    • Office moves
    • Email or phone updates
    • Company name or ownership
  • Changes to the main supervisor or any of the phase supervisors
  • Changes in your participant’s hours or compensation
  • New training activities that don’t align with the current Training Plan
  • Major medical emergency or illness
  • Training or Behavioral Issues/Concerns
  • The participant quits or you terminate their program early

If you encounter any workplace difficulties throughout the program, we encourage you to try to come to a resolution directly with your participant before contacting InterExchange. Rest assured, though, if you are having difficulties addressing any challenges with the participant, InterExchange will work with you and the participant to find a successful resolution.

Many issues you may encounter during the program will most likely result from culture shock; being prepared for this and knowing how to address culture shock-related issues will enable you to resolve many difficulties that may arise quickly and easily. You can find additional information about culture shock on our website.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that this program is for training and cultural exchange. Your expectations for work and performance should be different than they are for a normal employee. The interns and trainees are, first and foremost, here in the U.S. to learn – not to serve ordinary employment purposes.

If your participant is struggling with adjusting to U.S. workplace culture, understanding the English language, or meeting their training objectives, don’t hesitate to contact InterExchange to discuss the next steps for your participant and your organization.


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