Arrivals and Visa Issues

Visa Denials and Other Complications

After all of the planning, selection, and anticipation, there is always the possibility of unexpected delays, student withdrawals, or visa denials.

Visa denials and other complications are a source of frustration for everyone involved. Below, we explain how InterExchange Work & Travel USA attempts to avoid problematic situations. We also offer some suggestions on how you can prepare for the unexpected and deal with problems that may arise.

Visiting Embassies

Because InterExchange Work & Travel USA representatives travel around the world to conduct orientations and interviews with our applicants, we are often able to meet with consular officials at U.S. Embassies. By doing so, we hope to get an idea of any potential complications or new application requirements far in advance of the submission of our students’ visa applications. These embassy visits also give us a chance to introduce InterExchange to new consular staff who may not be familiar with J-1 Exchange Visitor programs.

Changing our Calendar

We confirm placements earlier in the season in case there are unexpected challenges or visa delays.

Staying in Touch

Whenever we learn that something may delay one of your students (or prevent a student from coming at all), we contact you immediately.


Hire staff from different countries and different regions of the world. That way, if one country presents a problem in terms of visas, you won’t be left short-staffed.

Hire Early

Unanticipated embassy issues can potentially delay the visa process for weeks at a time. Please plan ahead and send in your Employer Registration Form as soon as you have determined your hiring needs.

U.S. Consulates Determine Visa Eligibility

The only person who determines whether an individual student gets a visa is the consular official in that particular embassy on that particular day. Though you provide the job offer and InterExchange Work & Travel USA provides the paperwork and support for every J-1 Visa application, the U.S. Embassy alone makes the decision to issue a visa. Current events may cause visa processing delays, meaning you could potentially hire a student in February, but not hear about a visa rejection until late May.

InterExchange Work & Travel USA is Here for You

If a last minute situation arises, our representatives will keep you updated on the situation and, whenever possible, will assist with replacements or additional staff.