The Job Placement Process

InterExchange Work & Travel USA offers employers on our Job Placement program a dedicated and experienced Regional Manager. Each regional manager is responsible for working directly with employers as well as overseeing a support network of local representatives in selected areas around the country. Regional managers provide each employer assistance with seasonal staff recruiting, interviewing and screening, J-1 Visa processing, online orientations and training, travel arrangements, Social Security enrollment, emergency support, and general assistance.

After discussing your seasonal needs with your designated regional manager, employers are enrolled in the Job Placement program. Regional managers work closely with each employer to fill their staffing needs using the InterExchange Online Application.

Steps in the Job Placement Process

1. Register

Employers log in to their InterExchange online account to create job listings along with business and housing descriptions, which are used to recruit prospective participants. Employers also must sign the Host Employer Agreement and upload valid copies of their business license and workers’ compensation policy deck sheet.

2. Matching

Employers can search the pool of available participants in the InterExchange online account and place them On Review with their company. Regional managers can also place participants On Review with an employer, as well as answer employer questions and assist with setting up virtual interviews.

3. Offer/Decline a Participant

Once a participant is On Review with an employer, the employer has three days to either offer the participant a position or decline the application. The employer fills out the specific job title, wage, and hour details when offering a participant a position.

4. Confirmation by Participant

Participants then receive a job offer from their employer via email, which they confirm and sign electronically. The job offer states the work dates the participant has agreed to.

Each year, a small percentage of our accepted applicants do not participate due to withdrawal from the program or visa denials. If a student cancels and/or will not be arriving as expected, your InterExchange Regional Manager will notify you immediately so that a replacement can be arranged. Depending on how far into the season we are, it may be difficult to find a replacement that meets your specific needs; however, we will do everything possible to find a qualified candidate. In this situation, we cannot guarantee that a suitable candidate will be available.

InterExchange Work & Travel USA participants have chosen to work with us as their J-1 Visa sponsor. While we feel that we present the best program available, students have the option to work with any sponsor designated by the U.S. Department of State.