The Self-Placement Program

Many host employers arrange seasonal jobs directly with participants who are seeking placements. Often, participants will contact host employers over the internet, by phone, or by email to secure a job offer. Even if host employers offer the participant a job, the participant still needs a sponsor in order to obtain a J-1 Visa. InterExchange acts as the J-1 Visa sponsor for many qualified Self-Placement participants every year. Host employers are subject to the regulations of the Summer Work Travel program and must comply with them, including meeting all vetting requirements as per 22 CFR §62, including helping to facilitate cultural exchange experiences for participants.
Step-by-Step Vetting Process
  1. Host Employers fill out an InterExchange Employment Offer form for each Self Placement participant that they plan on hiring.
  2. Participants input the information from their Employment Offer form to their InterExchange online account.
    • InterExchange processes these offers and will create an account for the Host Employer. Host employers will receive an email asking them to accept the account invitation and set a password. If the Host Employer already has an InterExchange account log in at
  3. InterExchange will email the host employer instructions to complete their Host Employer Application. This helps InterExchange learn about the business, collect documentation and complete the vetting process.
    • Program regulations require InterExchange to collect a valid Business License and proof of Workers’ Compensation
    • Documents must be uploaded directly to the Host Employer Application; InterExchange will not accept documents submitted via email, fax, or by participants.
  4. InterExchange will place each participant application on the host employer’s ‘On Review’ list for the host employer to confirm their Job Offer details.
    • All participant applications ‘On Review’ will automatically expire after 21 days if the host employer does not confirm the Job Offer details. If the ‘On Review’ application has expired and the participant is still interested in this offer, they may re-submit the offer and contact their host employer to confirm the position details.
  5. Once the Host Employer Application has been submitted, InterExchange will review the information and contact the host employer by phone for a brief vetting interview. The host employer may expedite this process by calling InterExchange at 1-800-621-1202.
    • InterExchange will need to speak to the employment contact listed on the Employment Offer form.
    • If we are unable to reach the host employer by phone on the third attempt or after 15 days, the Job Offer will expire.
Once the vetting interview has been conducted and the position has been approved, the participant will be issued their DS-2019 form which will be uploaded to their InterExchange account. Participants will then schedule a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy.The host employer should update their ‘Arrival Instructions’ in their InterExchange online account to assist participants coordinate their travel plans.InterExchange asks all participants to update their visa appointment and flight information in their online account. We recommend that host employers keep in touch with all their participants before the expected arrival date.Once participants enter the U.S., they have 10 days to register a U.S. home address with InterExchange and confirm that they have arrived at their job. If confirmed participants do not arrive for work on the scheduled arrival date, host employers should notify InterExchange by calling 1-800-621-1202.
  • Before issuing a job offer, make certain that the position is definite and that the number of hours listed on the Job Offer realistically reflects the average number of weekly hours available throughout the season.
  • Verify English skills via a phone or video interview.
  • Consider the availability of safe, affordable, suitable, and acceptable housing and transportation.
    • Housing must, at a minimum, meet all applicable local laws and regulations, including with respect to ventilation, utilities, and occupancy rates. Transportation must be reliable, affordable, and convenient between participants’ residences and worksites.
  • Clearly detail any housing agreement, housing deposit information or paycheck deductions on the Host Employer Application.