Already Found a Job?

If you already have an Employment Offer from a U.S. employer, InterExchange can serve as your J-1 Visa sponsor through our Self-Placement program, as well as provide assistance, support, and resources throughout your program. Please follow the steps below if you and your employer want to participate in this program. Be sure to review the prohibited jobs list to ensure that your job meets InterExchange criteria.

Complete Employment Offer From Your Employer in the USA

The Employment Offer form must be filled out by your employerOnce your Employment Offer and Agreement Form is completed, you’ll add it to your InterExhcange Dashboard using the Submit Offer button. If you do not have a Submit Offer button on your account you should contact our International Cooperator in your home country.

Contact an InterExchange Cooperating Agency in Your Country

The InterExchange cooperator in your home country will schedule an interview with you to review your employment offer and make sure you are eligible for the program. If you are accepted into the program, InterExchange will serve as your J-1 Visa sponsor and provide assistance and support throughout your program.

Your Employment Offer alone does not guarantee that you will be approved for a visa. InterExchange will assist you in the process of securing the visa, but the U.S. government makes the final decision in granting a visa.

InterExchange Verifies Your Job Offer Details

InterExchange will contact your employer to review the Employment Offer details. Your employer must provide the following documents before InterExchange can approve your position:

  • Employer Identification Number (Federal Tax Identification Number)
  • Business License
  • Workers’ compensation deck sheet or policy’s cover page

InterExchange may ask for a seasonality declaration page or revenue/occupancy numbers in order to demonstrate the seasonal nature of the positions.

Keep in Contact With Your Employer

As a participant in our Self-Placement program, you should communicate directly with your employer about details such as housing, transportation, and your work start date. InterExchange helps with the visa process and provides support and assistance throughout the program.