Program Fees

Program CategoriesAmountWhen it’s due
Camp Placement$150When your application is accepted
Self Placement$635When your application is accepted
Returning Placement$475When your application is accepted

There is no fee to start an application; once your application is accepted and your fees are paid, you’ll be ready to connect with potential camps.

If you are applying through an InterExchange-approved cooperator, please note that your program fee will be different based on the services provided by the cooperator. For more information, please contact the cooperator directly for a description of their fees and services.

Your program fee includes accident and sickness insurance for the entire duration of the program.

What You’ll Earn at Camp

Camp Placement Participants
AgeStipend (Self-purchased flight)Stipend (Flight purchased by cooperator)
18 - 20$1,600$900
21 and over$1,750$1,050

These stipends are all based on a nine-week (63-day) schedule. If your placement lasts longer, you’ll be paid an additional $30 for each additional day you work. And remember, your camp will also provide you with free housing and meals!

Self Placement and Returning Placement participants who already have a job should negotiate their stipends directly with their camp.

Other Costs

These are additional fees you will encounter that are not charged by InterExchange, but are required to participate in the program.

  • Flights
  • Visa Application Fee ($160USD)
  • Medical Check
  • Background Check

More questions? Check out our FAQs.

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