Making friends from all over the world!

I would say the best part of my experience in Thailand was meeting people from all over the world. One of the two main reasons I joined this program was to learn about a new culture and make friends. I most definitely achieved both of these goals! I didn’t just make friends from Thailand, but from South Africa, the Philippines, Ukraine, England, India, USA, China, and Bhutan! So after my contract is finished I will have some more traveling to do to visit all their countries. As for the Thai culture, it is so beautiful. Such as the festivals, dancing, fashion and delicious food! I love how the people are so family oriented and will treat you so kindly. This trip was definitely a life changing one and I will be coming back to visit again!”

— Patrina H.

Once in a lifetime experience

Teaching in Thailand will have its challenges and make no mistake it’s a real job in an unfamiliar culture, but the Interexchange network and support not only made the transition manageable it made it fun.

  • The orientation introduces you to dozens of fellow teachers around Thailand and prepares you for potential issues
  • The compensation is more than fair especially considering the low cost of living in Thailand
  • The international work experience is invaluable
  • If there is ever a problem, you can contact your support staff and get friendly help immediately

This is an outstanding opportunity for both professional and personal growth!”

— Navarre M.

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