What Good References Mean to Your Application

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The right reference can help get you to camp!
The right reference can help get you to camp!
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What is an employer/teacher reference?

An employer/teacher reference is a letter from a former employer or teacher that explains why you would be great for this position! The purpose of a reference letter is to prove your suitability as a camp counselor by showing camp directors you have been a successful student or employee in the past. A great reference will give insight into your personality, and examples of your strengths and skills.

What is a skills reference?

The skills reference is meant to highlight one of the three skills you plan to list in the skills section of your application. For example, a former coach could speak to your skill teaching soccer, or a former dance teacher could speak to your ballet skills. If you do not have a specific skill you would like to highlight, you can also have this reference speak to your childcare skills, or it can be a more general character reference.

What are the requirements?

The skills reference and the teacher/employer reference must be filled out by two different people. Your recommendation should be uploaded electronically to the documents section of your application, and does not need to follow a specific format. For example, your letter can be addressed to “Dear Camp Director” or “To Whom It May Concern”. It is up to you whether your referee completes and signs a hard copy reference form, or a digital copy. If your referee completes a hard copy, please scan or take a clear photo of the document and upload it electronically to your application. If you choose the digital route, please make sure your referee digitally signs and dates the document as well before uploading.

How do I ask my employer/teacher for a letter of recommendation?

When choosing who you want to write your reference, keep in mind recent teachers and managers who will be able to speak about your progress at school or work. Explain your motivation to work at camp, and ask if he or she can support your application by writing you a letter of recommendation. Make sure to give him or her enough time to write you a great reference and explain any specific details you would like him or her to include in the letter. Afterwards, don’t forget to send a thank you!

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