Aleksander's Internship in Hawaii with U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard

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Aleksander hiking and taking in the beauty of Hawaii
Aleksander hiking and taking in the beauty of Hawaii
Image courtesy of Aleksander Czarski

Why did you want to train with your host employer and what were the professional goals you wanted to achieve?

To gain professional knowledge of working in the political area. I wanted to start networking and get an insight into how things are run behind the scene.

Describe two or three successes you’ve achieved during your program.

One of the main successes was how this internship opened my eyes to politics and what it truly means. One thing is to learn about it from university classes but another thing is to live it; this part is simply irreplaceable therefore I value my experience very much. It took a lot of effort to get to and stay in Hawaii. This is why once in office, I put my 100%. This was noted by the staff towards the end who I know will be greatly helpful if I ever decide to work in the American politics. I consider my networking to be a great success, and a very important one.

What are some of the skills that you’ve been able to develop?

One of the most important ones was communication skills. I learned how to use professional language. Furthermore, I underwent a leadership training. All these significantly boosted my self-confidence and are making my life easier whilst I’m back continuing my studies.

In addition to the professional experience, what have you enjoyed most about working with your employer?

They treated me like part of the team. I never felt out of place and I always felt welcome. It gave me a feeling that I’m actually contributing to something greater.

What do you want to do next and how do you think this experience will impact your future career?

I want to continue my studies and then do another internship in Washington, DC. Due to my CV advancement and the connections I made, I think this internship will make it much easier for me to start a career in politics.

Describe some of your favorite cultural experiences.

One of my favourite cultural experiences were the hikes in Hawaii. It was the most beautiful place on Earth. The views were simply breathtaking.

What is your favorite aspect of American culture and what do you plan on bringing home with you?

My favorite part of American-Hawaiian culture was the Aloha and Aloha symbol, shaka. Everyone always does it doesn’t matter where. I’d even shaka the guards at the federal building who’d shaka me back. It was the best.

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