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Top 10 Free Travel Apps

March 21, 2018

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Let technology simplify your trip booking and overall travel and exchange experiences with these fun and free smartphone apps!

These free apps can make your travel easier!
These free apps can make your travel easier!
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This is one of the most widely used travel organizing apps out there. It allows you to keep all your travel materials together– synced automatically into one itinerary– which you can then access on multiple devices.


This app allows you to send postcards to friends and family from your smartphone! Take a picture, include a greeting, and for a small fee (99 cents to $1.99) the app will send your postcard through the regular mail. Pretty neat.


This is the go-to currency converter app for travelers. It also factors in ATM and credit card rates.

Trip Advisor

There is no better place to read hotel, restaurant, tour or activity reviews for and by travelers. You can also download their nifty city guides for use on the go in your destination. Once downloaded, there’s no need to be connected to wifi or data.


This app promises to “radically transform the day-of travel experience.” It provides you with a detailed travel itinerary including gate information and notifies you of any updates, changes or delays. It also helps you navigate the airport terminal and find amenities, as well as track your travels.


This nifty app will come in handy for those who hate packing for a trip. By indicating the type of travel, duration and destination, it will come up with a customized packing list for you. It also factors in the weather!


No need for Internet or data to use this language app. Once you download it, you can look up words and phrases without a connection, which comes in handy for travelers. There are over 13 languages.


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, this app keeps track of your expenses for you. It allows you to scan receipts and takes important transactions from your credit cards to track your spending. It will even organize it to generate an expense report.


Search and book flights, cars, hotels, or entire vacations with this one website and its app. It is very user friendly and allows you to keep track of all of your bookings in one convenient place.


This is a great app to use to monitor flights. Analyzing billions of airfares, it can alert you to when the best fares are found via the “Watch a Flight” feature. Check it out.

What are your favorite apps for travel? Tell us in the comments!


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Allison had joined the InterExchange team in 2011 and held a B.A. in International Affairs and an M.A. in Higher Education. She had overseen the daily operations of the Career Training USA program, where she had the privilege of working with students and professionals from around the world who were pursuing U.S. internships and training programs. Allison was originally from Massachusetts and had studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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