Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage for Camp Placement Participants

All participants must have InterExchange-arranged insurance for the length of their stays in the U.S. InterExchange-arranged accident & sickness insurance meets U.S. Department of State requirements, which is part of the terms and conditions of the J-1 Visa. Camp Placement participants must pay an insurance fee, which provides insurance coverage for the duration of their program. If participants plan to travel in the U.S. for another month, they should purchase additional insurance.

Insurance Coverage for Self-Placement Participants

Self-Placement participants must also purchase InterExchange-arranged insurance. We require all participants to have the insurance we specify so that we can assist with problems if necessary.

Workers’ Compensation

As with any camp staff member, if an InterExchange Camp USA participant is hurt while working at camp, the camp’s workers’ compensation plan is expected to provide insurance coverage. Camps should assist any participant with filing workers’ compensation claims should this become necessary. InterExchange-arranged insurance will deny coverage for any claim deemed to be work-related.

InterExchange will terminate relations with any camp that does not properly file work-related injuries for participants, as false claims will negatively impact our claim ratios and forces higher premiums or make the insurance difficult to obtain at reasonable prices for participants in the future.

You can help participants by locating a medical provider in advance that takes InterExchange-arranged insurance. This will keep the participant from paying out-of-pocket expenses and help keep claims costs low. Remind your participants to make copies of any claim forms and bills they submit to the insurance company.

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