Most of our applicants complete these steps within two months and sometimes much less. It could take longer if the government requests additional information or if you take awhile to submit things on your side. While we can’t promise a specific timeframe, we invite you to check in with us about recent processing times we’ve seen.

  • Sign up and submit an application with InterExchange. We’ll contact you with your next steps and detailed guidelines for completing the government of Canada application.
  • If you're adding our job placement service, you'll connect with SWAP to discuss your preferred jobs. Job placement will take place while you move through the rest of the work permit application described here.
  • Create a profile on the Government of Canada’s website and let us know once you've done so.
  • Pay your program fee to InterExchange.
  • Receive an invitation to apply from the government of Canada. You will also receive an “R.O. letter” from our Canadian partner SWAP Working Holidays, confirming that you’re working with a government-recognized organization (required for U.S. applicants).
  • Complete and submit your government application and pay the government fees.
  • Receive approval from the government to travel and start your program within one year. Once you let us know you've been approved we'll provide resources including a program handbook and orientation dates.
  • Enter Canada and receive your work permit, typically valid for one year starting from your date of entry.
  • Contact InterExchange and SWAP along the way with any questions about the application process, life in Canada, traveling, or finding jobs!
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