This program is meant to help you settle in during your first week but also provides support for finding short-term jobs. The support staff can help you land temporary positions in Sydney, or you can branch out on your own to different parts of Australia.

Jobs & Support

Typical seasonal jobs include:

  • Hotel staff
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Farm work
  • Warehouse work
  • Theme parks
  • Special events
  • Retail

You’re welcome to seek out work in other fields. When picking up jobs directly through the support team in Australia, you will usually earn around AUD $24.00. If you organize jobs independently wages can vary.

Job support

Available for the full duration of your program, up to a year in Australia.

Short-term job placement (Sydney)
  • Support teams in Sydney can place you on short-term jobs.
  • In this case you will be paid directly by our Australian partner agency.
  • Wages are usually at least AUD $24.00.
  • These jobs are usually very short (sometimes less than a week) but you can string together multiple short-term gigs.
Jobs database (countrywide)

For positions outside of Sydney, the team maintains an extensive database of positions. For these jobs you’ll apply directly with the employer.

Orientation and job seminar
  • You’ll attend an orientation session covering job searching, safety, and other useful information.
  • You can also join a short, optional seminar geared towards the job search, specific industries, and how to set up alerts for jobs on various sites.
One-on-one consulting
  • You can consult with the support team in Sydney about industry-specific jobs, work that can help with obtaining a 2nd-year-visa if you’re interested, and resume and interview prep.
  • If you want to talk about other logistics like buying a car, traveling, and renting an apartment, they can help with these things as well.
Au pairing
  • Those with an interest in childcare and some previous experience such as babysitting or daycare can pursue au pair roles (living with a host family as a childcare provider), which can be as long as six months in Australia.


Welcome Week Package - $895
  • Seven nights of accommodation and daily activities
  • The Welcome Weeks are offered with specific arrival dates and itineraries, indicated below.
  • You can add additional nights before or after the Welcome Week, if you’d like.

Welcome Week Start Dates - 2022

  • October 24
  • November 28
  • December 12