This program is meant to help you settle in during your first week but also provides job search help, including an optional pre-placement service if you want a job lined up before you arrive.

Typical jobs

Typical seasonal jobs include:

  • Hotel staff
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Special events
  • Fruit picking and farm work (rarely close to cities to be prepared to travel)
  • Retail
  • Temporary office work
  • Call centers
  • Warehouse work
  • Theme parks
  • Au pair / nanny positions

You’re welcome to seek out work in other fields but the job support staff members’ expertise revolves around seasonal positions.

Job support (always included)

Job search support is available for the full duration of your program, up to a year in Australia and includes:

  • Orientation, where key job search points will be covered
  • Jobs desk to consult with staff members about your working goals (open 10am - 5pm M/W/Th/F)
  • Resume review
  • Program Whatsapp group with regular job postings
  • Support staff are also available by phone / email but visiting the Jobs desk in person can often be more effective if you’re in Sydney
  • Job placement (optional - see below)

Job placement (optional)

If you’re hoping to have a job lined up before you travel and are willing to commit to six months of hospitality work or three months of agricultural work, you may opt to add our pre-placement service for an additional $150. In this case you’ll complete an initial form (and upload your resume) to indicate your interests and any previous experience. The jobs team will help connect you with an interview.

In this case we ask that you sign up at least two months prior to your desired start date. Please note that many hospitality jobs require that you complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course at your own cost (usually AUD $120-200). They may also require you to wear a uniform or have a specific dress code (often black pants, black belt, and white shirt).

Some resort jobs include on-site accommodation for a fee and this is often cheaper than finding your own accommodation.

Placement locations are subject to availability and your previous experience.

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